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10-27-2013, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
Frederik Andersen is really, really, really easy to get excited over. I'm trying hard not to but damn he's the kind of goalie you'd want anchoring your team. Saw Anaheims twitter asked for nicknames for him. I thought of: The Crown Prince, Big Bad Freddy and Ginger Jesus/Ninja. Some of the best replies I saw on twitter was: Big Red, The Dominating Dane, Andes Mountain, The Danish Duck...

A late note on the Phillip Larsen. I'm not completely sold on the idea of him as a forward. This offensive thing... it's not like he's put up notable numbers until he hit Dallas' AHL-team. So it's not what got him this far. That said: Never be afraid of change.

Not gonna put to much in the game where Omark scored 4 goals(And was he a -1? Wut? How do you do that?) and where Philip seems to have been on the D for all of his 3 assists. Actually they dressed 6 D-men including Philip Larsen for that game. The games where they did dress 7 d-men I can only find signs of him being on ice at the same time as two other D-men in the game against Texas. Both games against San Antonio he seems to have been playing D.

Just found this short goalie related podcast where they are very impressed with Frederik Andersen. They are saying that he is a ready NHL keeper and should never be send back down.

I love Andes Mountain and Ginger Jesus!:p Too bad he has no soul:-(

What can Anaheim do but to start him next game? Hiller started againts Toronto and they lost, and Andersen has won his first 3......

The lack of rebounds is btw. the most impressive thing about his play.
I think we are going to see either Fasth or Hiller traded this season. They want Gibson to talk in Norfolk, and he won't if Freddy is there....or will at least have one hell of a fight on his hands.

Oh.....and I think we might be clutching at straws with Larsen......but we kinda have to

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