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Originally Posted by BadgerBruce View Post
Thanks, C58. Your insight is greatly appreciated, and your knowledge of the situation in and around Montreal helps me to get a stronger grip on the many changes in youth hockey.

I'm currently researching the role played by Murray Costello in the modern incarnation of Hockey Canada (1994 merger), particularly since he was so pivotal in the CAHA dating back to the NHL sponsorship days and then in the new "national" Hockey Canada that exists today.

I'm not so sure that the current setup, where 3500 distinct non-profit youth hockey associations exist under myriad provincial/territorial umbrella bodies, which in turn collectively create "regional federations" (eg, BC Hockey Federation, Ontario Hockey Federation) that themselves become Hockey Canada affiliates, is better than the old system.

Giving this a fair amount of time.

In the district where I grew up - inner city, in 1970 there were 30 such associations plus schools. Today there are 2 such associations in a slightly larger district due to minor urban growth into previous green space. Schools are difficult to determine since now they import or draw players from the district and outside districts. Tend to view schools as a single association even if part of a league or group since most key policies and decisions are effected at the school level.

Major difference today is that there are almost no "walk to" opportunities for youngsters to play hockey or coaches and adminitrators to do their thing.

The tentacles of what started post WWII stretches to the NHL - players, coaches, management. CIS, NCAA, coaches and players. Lost track of how many off island or out of province associations link back.

In Quebec the remote regions have a travel problem especially if there is not a school connection to hockey. Depending on specific circumstances could see the advantage of fragmenting into more association while under other circumstances consolidating into fewer.

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