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10-28-2013, 11:30 AM
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Here is the story where that 7-8 players is ripped away from, and in it Erkka says that his current squad, which mostly consists of seasoned players, would have that many guys from Europe. He says he hasn't had much time to keep an eye on some of the youngsters we have in North America, but intends to rectify that soon.

So the 7-8 Euros is similar "right now" roster projection as we've been making here. For example, very few of us would have thought that Määttä is viable only a month ago. So what's on Erkka's mind right now and what it will be two months from now can be two wholly different things.

If we are to look at it conservatively....

Rask (Lehtonen)

Timonen - Salo
Lepistö - Vatanen
Nummelin - Väänänen
Kukkonen - Laakso

Filppula - M.Koivu - Ruutu
Granlund - Lehterä - J.Jokinen
Korpikoski - S.Koivu - Selänne
Komarov - Kapanen - Joensuu

That group has five d-men and three forwards from Europe. Erkka will likely make a new assessment after the Karjala Tournament, according to who raises their stock there and who doesn't. And more will come when he heads across the pond and visits the new faces there. It's a work in progress, and not having some youngsters in the current projection doesn't mean they can't break their way into the final squad.

We're pretty much making our own projections based on the assumption that our preferred players are in good or better shape when the games start. For example, we all hope and believe that Määttä, and perhaps Ristolainen too, will have become solid NHL squadies by then and are ready to stop all the Crosbys and Ovechkins thrown in their lane. Erkka can't do that. He'll have to consider things based on what has already happened, not what is expected to happen.

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