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Originally Posted by Gord View Post
Of course I didn't need him to tell me, but it's always nice to see and hear it again, especially from the media.

I don't want anyone to confuse his tantrums for positive passion.

because you know that Hervey and Rhodes are going to give credit to his passion for the team and for the game of football. and say it just shows how much he cares.
The bolded is interesting Gord.

Unfortunately so much of the assessment of coaches seems to be subjective.

Early last season I was saying it looked like something was wrong with Reed the way he presented in postgame interviews. He looked basically incapable of calming himself. Just a bundle of stress and nervous energy. A person susceptible to being too wired is going to have a hard time maintaining calm, or emotional calm. It struck me that this guy would be random in the dressing room, on the field(obviously) and would react sometimes to internal feelings rather than looking at situations objectively and effectively.

A higher up like this is random, unpredictable, prone to rage, mixed emotions, fire, ice, and nice, and you never know what you're getting from one moment to the next.

Does anybody really want to work for a person like that?

I would ignore what some of the players say. Coaches/managers like this induce some kind of Stockholm Syndrome where the whole experience of dealing with the individual feels chaotic, unsure, but you get some sense that you know the person intimately and in some cases feel for them as an individual. you end up feeling like you go through a lot with them while accomplishing little. Kavis would have this in the Eskimo dressing room, an intense, even abusive individual but who is in charge of a group of individuals who depending on their life experience may perceive such continual abuse as "caring". As in this guy sure cares a lot, look at him bleed..

Its disturbing. Its not the Eskimo way.

The Eskimo way was determined by healthy leadership from guys like Ray Jauch, Hugh Campbell who had their heads firmly attached at all times and were appropriate, effective, and in control. They could be terse, hard, intense, but when it came your way you know you had it coming.

A professional org should look beyond apparent player deference and the players loving this guy. I think if they cut Reed and put a reasonable, capable coach in they would love playing for that guy a whole lot more. Players aren't always good for seeing the forest from the trees.

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