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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Part of it is because our players just aren't good enough. They don't put the opposition in situations where questionable calls can be made often enough. We don't have enough veterans who know how to "sell" certain plays - not saying outright diving but maybe a little verbal after every play at the ref to pressure him to eventually make a call, or a little acting on a play to exaggerate a penalty that otherwise wouldn't have been called.

Case in point: When Ray (who has the respect of the officials as a vet and as a good QB) was our QB, how many roughing the passer calls did we have go our way? Now that we have Reilly, how many obvious RTP calls have the officials not called?
I don't know its what the players on the field are doing. The PI on the Eskimo receiver couldn't be more obvious. Defender ran right over him going in the OPPOSITE direction.

It was blatant interference on a pattern that was open and would've scored. The Esks were furious at the non call.

What they stated on the broadcast, and I imagine the refs somehow deducted this as well, was that there wasn't intent, it was incidental. Well too bad, its still interference, we were still denied a TD. Why the odd interpretation (assumption) that it was accidental and a non call? Thats ridiculous.

This is the same league that was saved by the Eskimos in the Hugh Campbell era and who even prescribed to the theory that the Eskimos were too successful and this not being good for the league.

Fast forward and we continue to have a league that takes Edmonton economic success for granted and if theres ever any doubt side with the call that favors other clubs because the Esks being a losing club costs the league less peril than if other teams tank. I'm sure the commissioner, and other teams reps love it when the Eskimos lose and prefer it that way financially and otherwise.

When I stated troll officiating I'm not kidding, been going on for years and any number of controversial calls that always go against us and often enough impact outcomes. Like we need more misery here.

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