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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
Just to continue to expand on this RE playoff revenue vs success:

I ran the numbers last year before the playoffs (so it does not include 2013).

Rangers were 9th in league in post lockout playoff games played at 56. They made the playoffs 6 of 7 seasons. 4 other teams did this (NJD, PIT, PHI, and NSH). 2 teams (DET and SJ) went 7 for 7. Stemming from their ability to get in, they are tied for 10th in post lockout playoff wins, and tied for 10th with 6 series won.

Unfortunately, when you factor in number of appearances these stats (not shockingly) look less rosy. With an average of 9.3 games played or appearance, the Rangers rank 19th. Their winning % at 0.446 puts them at 18th. Again not shocking, but it is obvious that getting to the dance has been the org's top goal.

I did a basic weighted average of a team's chance to make the POs and their winning % in the POs to come up with a "success factor" or basic likelihood of winning a Cup. Obviously there are way more variables than this. Weighted it 80% to win % and 20% towards playoff make rate - since winning matters way more than the opportunity of getting in.

Using this the Rangers ranked 8th in my "success factor". Really buoyed by the number of times there has been an opportunity for "anything to happen".

There have been 7 unique Cup winners from 2006-2012. Of the top 7 of my success rank, 4 have actually win the Cup - DET (#1 rank), PIT (2), ANA (5), and BOS (6). Of the other 3 Cup winners, 2 would absolutely be higher in the "success rank" if we were looking at the last few seasons and discounting their rebuilding years - CHI and LAK. The last Cup winner, CAR is the only team to lead credibility to the "anything can happen" theory as they have only made the POs twice but have gone relatively deep each time.
Don't mistake what I wrote for some "I am happy with the teams successes" post.

I was simply talking about money.

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