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10-28-2013, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
Was Shanahan feeling brave in the Chicago game? Because RG3 ran a whole lot in that game. I'm not exactly sure why Griffin refused to run yesterday. I don't know if he or the coaching staff felt that Denver's linebackers were much faster than Chicago's. Several times there were lanes for him to run when the pocket collapsed but he didn't, and the few times he did move he looked much slower than last week to me. Which makes me wonder if he tweaked the knee in practice or something.

Whatever the case at this point in his career he either needs to be a mobile QB or we are screwed. Then perhaps with an offseason of work he can work on the fundamentals and mental aspect of being a pocket QB.
You got a point there but that really was on outlier as far as this season has gone.

It sure looks like they are consciously trying to make him a pocket passer this year to me.

But I agree...if he isn't the RG3 of last year (running and throwing) then we really have no hope. He masked 99% of the team's deficiencies by doing so.

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