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10-28-2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ericmgomes View Post
I *LOVED* the intensity he brought every game, every practice, every video session- there's something to be said about igniting a flame underneath your players. However, I will say this:

1.) You will *NOT* win a Stanley Cup the way he wanted the Rangers to play. You won't win games by blocking shots and dumping and chasing. Your players get hurt night in and night out while blocking shots, it's not an ideal, long term game plan.

2.) He ranks on his players in interviews and puts them on blast. Listen, as a coach, you can't do that to players. You can't tell the media Hagelin "sucks" on the Power Play, or tell Richards he can't play and use him on the 4th line in the playoffs, and you can't destroy a young kid's confidence like he did with Kreider.

He's a mad man, no doubt about it. I liked that aspect of him, meaning he would do anything to help his players and team win. But his logic sometimes was very skewed.

Also, the Power Play was atrocious. You can't tell Gaborik to go into corners and grind it out when that's not his style. A lot of players, I felt anyway, lost respect for him towards the end of last season. Just my 2 cents.
And yet Cally is out right now with a blocked shot injury under AV. So much for your blocking shots theory. Grow up, it's part of the game. If you're coaching football are you going to tell all of your offensive players to slide or get out of bounds on every play just to make sure they stay healthy?

Anyone who uses the Hagelin "sucks" line as an incitement of torts I instantly know doesn't know what they're talking about. Read/watch the rest of the god damn comment. It was like 10 million words gushing about him and then that one line thrown in there with a smile, not completely serious. Same with the Richie comments. He said he loved him in those quotes and yet people only focus on the limited negative he contained in there. He's an honest and blunt guy. People should appreciate that instead of as he said to brooksie, "you try to use my words and box me in to a corner all the time." Take the full quote or don't mention it at all.

Yeah, Gabby sucked all the way to his best season ever under Torts.

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