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Yup pick out one bust Hall 1st overall Bantam draft Crosby many many others what is comical is your lack of understanding of how many great players are drafted out of first round Bantam draft Oreilly another. Chase always had skill had meh couple seasons adjusting to whl but scouts seen his skill out of midget NHL scouts missed it. You have no clue go pick another bust for example I can as well Stefan How many 1st round picks in NHL bust loool lots as well
Again , your total lack of understanding of the odds of a 1st rounder in the Dub draft getting drafted in the NHL make it clear you really shouldnt speak on the subject. Your silliness is compounded by suggesting that getting drafted in the 7th round of the NHL draft is somehow disappointing cause you got drafted in the 1st Round of the Dub draft & is profoundly hilarious & clueless.
Do some research kid & then come back & play

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