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10-28-2013, 10:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Billybaroo View Post
" he was underwhelming his first couple years in Whl we stole him in 7th round. He was 1 st round bantam draft pick , now living up to his billing."

He has always lived up to his billing.
You are clearly implying that both his earlier play in the Dub & his draft position in the NHL were such that he "hadnt lived up to his billing"'
In any event. Im finished with this issue. Ive made my point. You get drafted to the Show, & I dont care where.. With very , very few exceptions, no matter where you were picked in the Dub draft, you have "lived up to your billing", and much, much more. To not really understand that, well, Im finished with this topic
Do you think if he was scoring over a gpg in Whl last year he would of made it to 7th round? like I said we stole him and his first 2 years are underwhelming compared to this season. But hey you said Bantam draft means squat than agrees with another poster where he shows it does not. Give it up already.

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