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10-28-2013, 11:26 PM
So... Now what?
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Need serious skate help.

I was skating on Bauer vapor x50s for a few years, and had some mild-minimum foot pain in my arches. Recently, I got some nice insoles and threw them in, and my problem was solved.

I needed new skates, and went to my local hockey shop. Recently, they got in a shipment of LA Kings gear. I tried on a pair of Willie Mitchell TotalOnes, and fell in love. They said that a lot of the skates had only been used a few times, and we came to the conclusion that these had only been worn a few skates (very little cosmetic damage, Not broken in at all). I spent $400 on these skates and they felt amazing in shop, with my insoles in.

Tonight, I skated on them for the first time, and they KILLED my feet. The pain in my arches was serious. Way more than ever with my x50s. I skated for 5 minutes, then had to switch back into my x50s.

Before I go and try to negotiate a return for pro stock skates, I need to know if this problem is just because they're new skates, and need broken in? Or is the structure of the vapor x50 so much different than the supreme TotalOne that it would cause serious pain, even with the insole?

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