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Originally Posted by Erikfromfin View Post
Things change fast in hockey. Many people who follow NHL think that Barkov is already better center in NHL than Granlund. Now does it make his chances for the olympics better than granlunds no idea.

File is right not many people in finland or anywhere would have screamed Määttä to the team 1½ months ago but his been a real stud in the NHL. His impressed his managers his coaching staff his players and the fans and did the impossible and continues to play for Pittsburgh even after Letang returned because his been that impressive. His play level can drop because his so young player but when people want him to the olympics they look at how well his doing in the NHL right now and rightly want him in the team like Jussi Jokinen wanted aswell. Is Olli Määttä better player already than say Sami Lepistö? thats hard to say but its possible and he could be given the way his been so far.

Rasmus is for me different case sure his playing in the NHL but his much more error prone and hasnt yet proven to be true NHL player despite playing there. There are better options to sochi than Rasmus his only in the mix for me because his right hand shot and theres not many quality defenders that we posses have that. Summarum i hope Erkka and Kurri stay alert because things change fast. And i hope theyre critical of the old guard aswell like player Tuomo Ruutu who hasnt showed anything of his former great yet in the NHL this season.
The old guard not getting their share of criticism is what I fear when Erkka is handling things. The kids' performances will be dissected very thoroughly while vets can get away with a lot more. I can live with this only if the vets in question are ones known for recent excellent performances, but not with players like Nummelin or even someone like OJ. If you were good 5-10 years ago but now your game is full of holes, you should not make the team over any kid with better recent showings. If you have two players who are equally good, I can see why taking the one with more experience would be more sensible, but what if the younger one with less experience is also the better player currently? In that case favoring experience would be wrong IMO. They key is what those players are now, not what they were 5 years ago or what they will be 5 years from now. Erkka already pulled out the latter point, but I need to see he is serious about the first part of that as well.

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