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sub 100 USD Stick advice

I will be in the market for a new stick with intermediate flex ~65-70. I live in Austria, so super sales and selection are both limited. I am happy with a one of the more standard curves in order of preference (nash, iglina, or sakic) Can anyone recommend some middle of the road sticks (say US ~$70 because they will be about ~100Euros here) that are 1. well balanced (I know...most cheap sticks are blade heavy), 2. lighter (under 500g is ideal but not first priority)? I will play with a 55"-56" stick so the final flex will be around 70-75 I imagine. I really can't shoot well so I am just working on all my shots, although I seem to be better at wrist shots than all the others right now (in terms of accuracy and power).

FYI: I am looking at an Easton 65 rsII


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