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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I dont think they'd have had access to the aforementioned en mass Mats as the Black Hawks & everyone else wouldve flexed their muscles & began major sponsorships from amateur through Junior throughout the province. And not just Quebec. East coast to BC, throughout the US. In many respects the old sponsorship model far superior to what we have today with the Bantam, Midget & Jr. Drafts. I think we'd have seen & would continue to see more complete players if for example they raised the minimum ages to 20 or 21 before even being allowed to play in the NHL. Organizationally, be it Chicago or Nashville, Montreal or Denver etc, players early instilled with a certain philosophy, of training & character building as was the norm back in the day when you were Habs, Hawks, Bruins, Wings, Rangers or Leafs property.
That would been fun to watch though. The '80s Habs could have rivaled the '50s Habs as greatest ever. .

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