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10-29-2013, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by nycpunk1 View Post
Someone suggested this was coming from the player/PA side of things in a thread on the main board. Not sure where this info came from, but it makes sense. Pretty sure the reps and Scott would be making some noise if the delay was coming from the other side.
I agree. My guess is whoever his rep is wanted some time to prepare perhaps and given that it's an in person hearing chances were good he was missing the three games anyway.

I am not a fan of giving players a freebie because it's a first offense. Head shots are head shots.

I think the NHLPA and the NHL need to make it as painful as possible to both the player and the team. There should be some room for discretion when it comes to more borderline stuff that isn't targeting the head but in a hit where principle contact is the head they league needs to come down hard.

My guess is Scott gets 5 games but I hope it's 10.

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