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12-13-2006, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Cenzo_ View Post
I think it s normal that people from Quebec cheers more for a young quebeker prospect ( who is pretty impressive for his firts season).
But in some way, if kostsysin is really a better player (that s not what i am saying) then it s kind off stupid to cheer more for the local boy, but i m sorry we (french canadiens) just love to have a young prospect with our roots!

But i do agree, people taht are saying trade kostsysin are wrong, why would u want to trade our best prospect. Hey let s trade all our prospect and keep our player for the next 10 year, i can t wait to see kovy in 10 year's !

But i'm sorry kostsysin got hies chance on the big league, and he blew it! Carbo was saying that kostsysib deseved him, that it s not normal for a players who s getting a chance to play in the nhl to give a slow match... that s his opinion, maybe not yours

But i defenitly think Carbo know what to do best

LOL I know 15yr olds that skated faster then Lat when he was first in the NHL and your saying it's because of Kostitsyn being slow?

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