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12-13-2006, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Kostitsyn404 View Post
But I never said REPLACE Lat with Kost. You people keep jumping back to the same topic which this isn't about.

This is about one thing and one thing only.

Bias in hockey. Specifically in favor or french/quebec born players.

I don't see what's so hard to understand about that. And frankly Kostitsyn > Downey/Murray/and as of recently Begin right now. Those three have been given numerous opertunities to play well and have not. (Begin has played o k ) Why not bring him in and give him a chance, maybe we could actually use him.

Just saying at this point, people would rather "trade" kostitsyn rather then bring him up and see what he can do. Higgins HAS been injured, Samsanov WAS playing like crap. There was plenty of time and space to try out our deserving AHLer but instead they even bring up Lapierre. I don't think Lapierre was a bad decision. I think he's going to be awesome, but still. I mean Kostitsyn has been on fire, he's earn the chance and plenty of people on our team have earned being demoted.

Your saying there's no bias what so ever? Keeping in mind Kosty can barely speak English, let alone French. But he IS our #1 prospect, yet we see people like Lat who were never even in the AHL. As well as other AHLers not performing AS well as Kosty. Not saying Lapierre was a bad moveup. Quite the opposite. Just like we needed Lat over Kostitsyn due to issues and due to size, style of play, same goes for Lapierre. We need a center right now and Lapierre was a good suite for the 4th line. Not denying that. Just saying, what makes him deserve the shot more then Kostitisyn? Especially when we have a star forward injured.
Lapierre is just more well suited for the 4th line than Kost. That is the reason he was called up. It has nothing to do with an ethnic bias.

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