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10-29-2013, 01:04 PM
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Everyone *****ing at each other in this thread is hilarious. Who cares about the article. This team sucks. Even when they're all healthy, they're nothing more than a 6-8 seed.

Look at our HEALTHY forward group and compare it to elite teams in the league (SJ, BOS, PIT, LA, STL). Speed and finish wins games today. It's not really a surprise that teams are going faster and bigger. The only thing surprising about that is why we remain smaller and slower (Richards = slow, Pyatt = time warp slow, Zuccarello is the opposite of size). Goaltending and defense is great but almost all the teams that have been competitive in the playoffs the last 5 years have had serious elite talent at forward. Teams like CHI and PIT that both won the cup have proven that you don't need ELITE goaltending to win, just above average. At the same time, the majority of those teams have also tanked absurd amounts of times (CHI and PIT, I'm looking at you)to get that elite talent and there's something to be said about that but that's a whole different thread.

I refuse to be disappointed this season because I have no expectations of this team because on paper, they just don't stack up to the rest of the league. I can only be surprised. I suggest some of you take a chill pill, stop ranting on each other and do the same because it's not happening for us this year boys

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