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10-29-2013, 01:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
I think its also well known that the commissioner is non-existent 90% of the time. We heard Perth did it right through the league but after Stittsville lost to them and fraser put in a complaint then the stories changed. Did the commissioner lose his memory? Its no secret people think that league needs some house cleaning starting at the top. wonder how much that guy gets paid to embarrass the league and don't think this is the first time crap like this has happened over the years
Throwing out a lot of accusations. Do you have absolute proof that Perth did it right through the league or are you going on hearsay or just one side of the story?

I cannot comment as I do not know the whole story, however the league is not in the habit of taking away points if you did everything right.

Did Perth exercise their rights to all of their appeals?

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