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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Dang, that’s a good pick. I had him at the top of my list with a bullet for spares, but that’s not to say he couldn’t play a role in a starting lineup. The fact that he played C (15%), LW (17%), RW (40%), and D (22%) in nearly equal proportion hurts him somewhat, I think, because he gets pigeonholed into a spare slot, and if he doesn’t make it into the MLD (which he definitely should have, considering the choice between him and Walter Smaill turned out to be a really difficult one and I left convinced that Smaill had what it took for an ATD spare role), then he might drop all the way to AAA spare. So kudos for making him a regular.
Jim Riley’s a guy who GMs keep getting seduced by since he was 2nd and 3rd in PCHA goals, (5th and 5th in points), but Tobin had a season in 3rd as well (3rd in points), and when he did it, he led his next highest teammate by 8 points. He didn’t have a second season to “support” that peak like Riley did, but on the whole, despite playing a lot of games on defense, Tobin had 131 points in 174 PCHA games, and Riley had 120 in 164 games.
I’d personally take Tobin over Riley for the versatility and because that versatility didn’t hurt his scoring stats. But the last three drafts he’s averaged pick #1266, and Riley’s averaged #942. That’s a huge, unwarranted gap. They both moved closer together (separated by just 53 picks now) and hopefully next season they swap spots for good.

Side note, I think you counted 1914 twice, as you're over on his career totals by 7 points and 14 games, and those were his stats that season.
According to the website They had Tobin with the following:
12 Games 11 Goals 3 Assists
14 Games 5 Goals 2 Assists
18 Games 11 Goals 2 Assists

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