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Originally Posted by EOJHLman View Post
It is funny to hear these type of rumors. Every part of your post was incorrect. The league knew exactly what went on, that was why Perth was caught with an illegal player and they paid the price. End of Story. It does not matter who protested this, any team could have done it. But it was in the interest of all the other Valley teams and Clarence to protest it as the points matter. Stittsville protested because it gave them one more point and took away 4 points for the use of the illegal player.

And BTW, many teams were interested in coach Fraser, Stittsville was just lucky enough to land him. He is a very honorable man and you should not disparage him lightly, especially if you really do not know him.
yes I'm sure they were... and yes I do know him and you shouldn't use the word "honorable" lightly either. You seem awfully certain of your words here... guess you have the inside scoop on what went on... interesting. Not sure how any team can get 'caught' with illegal players when the league has no idea where or who has the 16yoc in the league. another issue that has plagued them for quite a few years

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