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10-29-2013, 02:45 PM
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So, I've read a lot of what everyone had to say about what it was like in the 200s behind the bridges, so I want to add my feedback for what it was like ON the bridges.

I sat in Sec 313 and was sitting directly at the red line on the bench side. First off, the view was awesome from there and the atmosphere was great, although some of that may have just been from the "newness" and intrigue surrounding the new bridges. We were in the folding chairs that are normaly a wheelchair spot and in my opinion, that row of seats in 313WC is one of the new best seats in the house.

They allowed people to freely walk around the bridges and the balconies on each end and we were able to make a full 360-degree walk around the 10th floor in between periods with time to spare. I'm not sure if they stopped people walking around during each period, since we were focused on the game, however, even during intermission with numerous people milling around, we didn't feel like anyone was on top of us. One cool feature was the Bridge where the Media is. The booths for all the broadcasters are glass enclosed but you are able to see in and watch what they're doing... We stopped and saw Sam Rosen doing a live spot during the first intermission and it's not one way glass...before his spot, he heard us say his name and he waved and threw us a thumbs up. The media also is out in the open to grab their food and coffee and we brushed shoulders with Kenny Albert. If you've ever been to Citi Field, they have a similar window to look in and watch the scoreboard operations booth, and this was kind of the same. A cool feature.

While some people stopped to see the view on the bridges, it did not seem congested at all. It was similar to people stopping to stand behind the bar stool seats on the West Balcony the last two years. Not sure if they will always allow it, however, I thought it worked. I also don't know if it was distracting to the people sitting in the upper 200 level. If last night was any indication, you could easily buy a ticket anywhere in the building and spend more time standing at the numerous standing room areas like the bridges and balconies. We had two guys standing up behind us who didn't have tickets there but stood in that spot for the entire third period. The bathrooms and concessions are not too far of a walk, and we had the longest walk being in the middle of the bridges.

All in all, we had a blast....I know many in the upper rows of the 200 level are unhappy with the Bridge obstructing the scoreboard - they even booed a video about the renovation during a TV timeout early in the 1st period - however, I thought it was a great location for the people who will sit up there or stop by for a look. As long as the trash fans don't ruin it for the rest of us and make the Bridge folk look like jerks, i.e. three idiots who spent the entire 2nd intermission yelling jibberish from the bridge down to a fan in Section 210 or 211 and calling him Harry Potter. Those kind of idiots only made the rest of us on the Bridge look like jerks, but what can you do.

I have to say, I know I was not one who got scr*wed with tickets in the upper 200 level, and I apologize to any of you who that happened to - I'm just giving my opinion on what it was like on the Bridge - I was a fan, had a blast, and HIGHLY recommend everyone go up there to watch at least one game.

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