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10-29-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by wtfisthis View Post
Damnit, looks like no Burns again tomorrow.. Must be some serious **** if he's out for this long for some mouth injury.
Not to imply I think its the same situation, but a few years ago I go into the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and xrays. They take the xrays, and the assistant gets all quiet, then runs off to talk to the dentist. I am thoroughly weirded out at this point (I take excellent care of my teeth). Anyway he comes back and tells me "Your wisdom tooth is upside down, I have never seen anything like it". Sure enough, it is almost completely inverted inside my gums. Also, the bone is infected below it. He says I will need to see a dental surgeon, I say ok sounds good give me his number... "No no, you don't understand, you need to see a dental surgeon, like right now. I am calling one I know that is good at this, you are going over there immediately". Apparently I was in serious danger of actually dying from this as the infection was serious and they were afraid it was going to get into my blood stream.

Ended up having to have the tooth broken up, removed, and a good portion of my jaw drilled out. It all healed back as good as new, but at the time it was pretty crazy to go from dental cleaning to calling my wife and telling her she had to come take me to surgery RIGHT NOW. I expect this is sort of what is happening here, they thought Burns had a minor issue, dentist looked at it and found a bigger issue, Burns is recovering. I know I had to be very careful for a few months because my jaw was very thin where they had drilled it out and there was a good chance of it breaking in a very bad spot if I wasn't careful.

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