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Originally Posted by Gaps View Post
Take this with a big grain of salt, but I ran into Pekka Jalonen's column in today's IL and it made me feel even more uneasy. According to Jalonen, at the moment Erkka has his eye on 2 forwards in Europe and 6 defensemen. The only defensemen from the NHL Erkka would bring along currently are Salo and Timonen. Even Vatanen is not on the current team. These omens are not good. If Erkka is seriously thinking Vatanen does not belong on the team despite the awful state of the defense, assuming Nummelin is among the 6 European dmen, I do have to wonder if he can come up with an excuse to leave out MiG as well. Perhaps Hagman can take his place on the team.
Pekka Jalonen's been known to talk out of his backside before, but even if he's in the know here, I'd like to point out that Erkka said that if they intend to roll with four pairs instead of three, they'll take 9 d-men. That means Vatanen is well marked in his papers. The man would truly be borderline senile if he wasn't. Granlund and Barkov are likely on the radar as well. Keep in mind that all three did make his summer list.

It's easy to get all gloomy concerning all 90-and-later-borns, but there's still a fair reason to assume that it's no one else than Määttä (and perhaps Ristolainen, a bit) who came from the left field and started messing up his circles.

Talking about Nummelin, looks like he has some groin trouble and may have to skip the Karjala Tournament. Which will make all the more harder for Erkka to justify his pick. It sure is handy for him to break himself before the games instead of when they are underway, as has been the tradition in every WHC he's been to since 2006. Seriously, people are calling Salo fragile, but Numppa is doubly so.

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