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10-29-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
And if someone were to explain using evidence why they may be good teams in bad stretches instead of a bad teams in bad stretches I may consider that.
Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
Blasphemy. Why use logic instead of irrational bias? What are you some sort of think for your selfer?
Get off the internet for a 2.5 hour block of time, and watch a game.

Holy ****, you think it's irrational to be down on this "team"? Seriously, have you watched a game? A period? A shift?

Explain it. It's ****ing right in front of you. It's the team's play. It's literally the most common denominator already. Back over the offseason when we fired torts, back when we made the nash trade, back then I explained why I thought the team was going to be worse. Well, that's all done the product is here and it's right in front of you for consumption if you ever decide to open your eyes or hell just look at the damn standings, look at our NHL worst goal differential.

This idea that the default opinion is that this is a good hockey team, and the idea that it will be bad has to be proven is ass ****ing backwards. By any objective standard this hasn't just been a bad but a challenger for the worst hockey team in the league.

Injuries happen. Maybe the fact that we gutted out depth for a now concussion-prone kitty cat wasn't such a good move after all. Don't put all your eggs on one basket, and all that. And don't ****ing kid yourself, we looked like excrement before he left the lineup. And he personally looked like excrement before he left the lineup dating back to the playoffs. And this team looked like crap ever since torts walked out the door, preseason wasn't just ugly on a record basis but the play reflected it too.

All you apologists have to get over yourselves. You were dead wrong when you liked the Nash trade. You were dead wrong when you wanted Torts gone. Because you got what you wanted we suck now. Deal with it.

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