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10-29-2013, 07:08 PM
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I prefer the game of baseball and the Rockies over basketball and the Nuggets but the MLB is the worst league by far. I can't even watch the World Series, I get zero out of it. College football is getting up there though for me, it's just as bad. I couldn't care less about all those big name schools playing. At least the NCAA does something right with the basketball tourney, that's actually fun to follow and I have zero interest or knowledge in college basketball.

I'm glad the Nuggets are starting and I consider myself a fan of the 4 local pro teams. I just have no basis for any expectations with the Nuggets. With the Avs I knew the changes were going to be good, the Nuggets no clue. And yeah, it doesn't help they don't have a star because they'll never get the favorable calls.

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