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10-29-2013, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by gsr View Post
I'd rather see the Bruins win a bunch of games and go deep into the playoffs (and possibly win the cup) than worry about gooning it up against an irrelevant team like Buffalo. If we goon it up, we're just stooping to their level.
This is such a BS straw man argument: we can't have success in the playoffs if we stand up to Buffalo in the regular season? Wow.

If we continue to lay down to out-of-the-playoffs Buffalo --and let their balls swell because they can play like they are untouchable against us-- then the chances of us being healthy going into the playoffs are much slimmer.

Health in the playoffs is essential for success in the playoffs.

This isn't new though, after the Scott KO on Thornton we saw Peverley take an elbow to the head from Scott, Hamilton got a flying elbow to the head from a normally clean Sabre and, of course, we can't forget Krejci almost getting another concussion from a dirty Kaleta run. It was just a matter of time before a Bruin got hurt by a dirty hit from a Sabre.

Going back to the beginning of this rebuild, before we got the Big, Bad, Bruin back, Krejci took a really dirt head shot (after the whistle that resulted in a concussion) from another Sabre POS. Nobody did anything about it and it was one of the watershed moments that brought about organizational change... significant ones... that resulted in our powerhouse status.

Now we have multiple Sabre POS running around and many here are hand-wringing about making a small change (replacing Thornton with a bigger, tougher guy in Sabres games). We are talking about a team with nothing to lose and a team that is led by STEVE OTT as their captain?!??--a team that intentionally puts Kaleta and Scott into their line-up. What more needs to be said.

A tougher line-up Vs. Buffalo is needed because the only way to go the other way is to get Chara and Lucic heavily involved in the 'action' and that --as I've said many times here-- only encourages Buffalo to do what they are doing.

I've never wanted to bring Steve Mac in (because he can't play very well) but I wonder what happens if you pick him up for the Sabres games. He is one of the only guys in the league that could beat Scott's *** down --if you dress him and he takes down their giant (or at least neutralizes him) does Buffalo stop dressing Scott eventually and try winning with skill again? Could we really survive a couple of games a year replacing our 12th forward out or would the whole thing collapse around us then?

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