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10-29-2013, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen
Get off the internet for a 2.5 hour block of time, and watch a game.

Holy ****, you think it's irrational to be down on this "team"? Seriously, have you watched a game? A period? A shift?

Explain it. It's ****ing right in front of you. It's the team's play. It's literally the most common denominator already. Back over the offseason when we fired torts, back when we made the nash trade, back then I explained why I thought the team was going to be worse. Well, that's all done the product is here and it's right in front of you for consumption if you ever decide to open your eyes or hell just look at the damn standings, look at our NHL worst goal differential.

This idea that the default opinion is that this is a good hockey team, and the idea that it will be bad has to be proven is ass ****ing backwards. By any objective standard this hasn't just been a bad but a challenger for the worst hockey team in the league.

Injuries happen. Maybe the fact that we gutted out depth for a now concussion-prone kitty cat wasn't such a good move after all. Don't put all your eggs on one basket, and all that. And don't ****ing kid yourself, we looked like excrement before he left the lineup. And he personally looked like excrement before he left the lineup dating back to the playoffs. And this team looked like crap ever since torts walked out the door, preseason wasn't just ugly on a record basis but the play reflected it too.

All you apologists have to get over yourselves. You were dead wrong when you liked the Nash trade. You were dead wrong when you wanted Torts gone. Because you got what you wanted we suck now. Deal with it.

Kel I can't take you off ignore since I can't go to User CP because I got a mountain of infractions for being an ass hat. I know that's directed at me because I saw it before I logged back in.

I'll say a few things. First of all don't make stupid assumptions and asinine statements, I'm rarely actually online as I have a family and full time job. I also watch every game, beginning to end even the blow outs, believe it or not.

There is a difference between being a realist and being an apologist. Realistically as this article stated several aspects of our team have been beyond bad. Like inexplicably bad. Hank not being able to stop a puck, Girardi, McDonagh, and Staal forgetting how to play defense, half our players taking ridiculous penalties and acting like their heads were up their *****. Those things won't continue. If you think they will I am sorry to say but it's you who doesn't know what he's talking about.

We're not the most talented team, no one is arguing that. I have said multiple times we lack finish and a majority of our players have some warts. But when the team is healthy and we get contributions from players like Kreider as we have been lately who we all thought should be ready and he wasn't the holes are less glaring. We could still use another finisher, we could still use a shot from the point, but right now our team should be performing better than it is, because as much as you want to believe it these aren't the worst players in the history of hockey.

We had 5 abysmal games to start the season I'd say and 2-3 ok games and 3 good games. It's what I saw during the good games that makes me believe this team can and will play better on a consistent basis. It's what you saw during the brutal games that led you to your conclusion. What I will say is that I'm unwilling to judge a product by a small sample size and that's exactly what 10 games (11 as I type this) is. Apparently you're not, but that's your prerogative.

As I have said before you laid your cards out there a long time ago, so it's really easy to know exactly what you're going to say illustrated by the Montreal PGT where you posted 3 times in the first two pages with really constructive posts like "this team sucks", "this coach sucks" and "2013-2014 Team Motto: Excuses". Really? I'm not stalking you either I browsed that thread earlier before logging in and laughed at your posts. They stuck in my head.

The kicker is I never said you were being irrational, it was directed at other people's responses, because I can't even see yours most of the time unless I am on my phone and not logged in.

As far as Nash is concerned, he has 45 points in 51gp, I've already admitted his PO performance was lacking. I won't stubbornly sit by and argue it wasn't unlike you who will sit by and say he doesn't make the team any better. He's been our best forward and without him we don't make the PO's last year. As far as being concussion prone, I'm sorry but 90% of players in the league get a concussion from that hit. So again you're overreacting.

The people who need to get over themselves are the ones like you who after a rough start to the season decide they are going to proclaim how right they were about everything. I'm sorry you weren't and we won't know who was right and wrong for months, maybe even longer.

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