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10-29-2013, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Nithoniniel View Post
You guys will want to read this btw.

In Scandinavia we can get feed through a service called Viaplay. It's basically the regular stuff except that it stays on-site during commercials. This basically lets me (and others using the same service) listen in on what the broadcast teams are talking about when off air. I watched the Sportsnet Oilers feed.

At one point when they were off air they started talking about Perron being sick. This is what they said: (I'm paraphrasing here so it's not exact word for word)

"He's sick. Illness and fatigue, illness and fatigue. He is sick of playing for this team probably."

Ouch. Not as bad as when they completely trashed Reimer in our last game against you guys while off air, but still not pretty.

Now it's off air mind you, but it is still interesting. You hear a lot of stuff they are too polished to say when on air.

Edit: I didn't hear them say Perron, they referred to him as "he" all the time. Didn't know who they were talking about and which team until I saw one of you guys write that Perron was out sick.
Definitely some truth to this, even though the broadcast crew were just joking.

He loved it in St. Louis and was devastated when he was traded here, don't let his (required) politically correct post-trade interviews cloud your judgement. He wasn't happy to be traded from St. Louis and, with the way things are going again, I doubt he's pleased with where he ended up.

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