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10-29-2013, 11:37 PM
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There is somthing to this, Nuge and Hemsky hit crossbars. I remember one point in the game it was 2-0 and we hit a couple cross bars. I mean, it sounds like a excuse, but some times the pucks just don't go in. This team can't catch a break.
Puck luck does play a big role. EDM fans should know this, you were part of the biggest example in the history on the NHL. Remember missed empty netter and Hemsky scores
Also just look at the Leaf-Canes game. Leafs should have won that no question and puck luck stole it. But in the game tonight puck luck may have given the Oil 2 goals.

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The mayor at the time I think said that the citizens of Edmonton were Champions for rallying together and their efforts after the disaster
oh good to know

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