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10-30-2013, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Here are the Nov. games...
vs. DET Ice melts, half the Oiler players drown.
@ FLA Hurricane force winds blow Oilers backwards, Eakins preens hair.
@ TB Russian Oilers get their party on, miss game, whereabouts unknown.
@ PHI Broadstreet Bullies senior citizen edition beat oilers, Clarke scores hattrick.
@ CHI Gagner with 7pts, ends up -3..
vs. DAL Just watch slapshot pre hanson brothers.
vs. SJ Mercy rule?
@ CGY Swarm of locusts. Consult book of revelations for game summary
vs. CBJ 21 Blue Jackets trolling Oilers on what a real arena looks like
vs. FLA What? this **** again? Game suspended on account of no NHL teams present.
vs. CHI lord have mercy, when the **** is Peoria on this damn schedule?
@ NSH 10-1 Oil. Oilers have their number.
@ CBJ Cannon points the wrong way, fires at Oilers bench, fortunately missing the 12 Oilers caught out on ice on a linechange..

What immediately came to mind reading that.

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