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10-30-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by camboy View Post
People need to chill. This team is on the verge..I can sense it. It's just a matter of time till something makes this group snap and they turn it around. There's too much talent here. Not everyone in the organization is a flake or an idiot. These are highly competitive people from Katz on down. They are not losers. You don't make the NHL being a loser. You don't build an empire being a loser. You don't become an NHL coach by being a loser. For some unknown reason there is a black cloud following this team around and it's about to get sunny again. Law of averages and the Oilers time is coming again. Book it. Put money on it and cash in. We will all be rewarded.
The verge of what, exactly... A cliff?

We've been hearing this nonsense for years. We're always on the verge of breaking out, but it never happens.

We are sitting at the bottom of an extremely competitive Western conference and our playoff hopes are all but dashed already. We're looking up at teams we SHOULD be ahead of. Only the Flyers and the Sabres sit behind us now, and the Flyers will likely pass us soon given that they have 3 games in hand on us.

We have given up TWELVE more goals than any other team. Whenever we score enough to win our defense/goaltending can't bail us out, and when we finally get solid D/goaltending, our scoring dries up.

It feels like everything has to go right for this team to simply win a game.

There is no excuse for being this low in the standings. None.

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