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10-30-2013, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post

No, just from one house. Some other highlights of that particular year was an orange juice box (which sounds fine on the surface, but imagine drinking it after eating a mountain of candy...), an actual box of raisins, a dish towel, and a valentine's day card with 'Happy Halloween' written on it. I have no clue what got into my neighborhood that year.

Where in god's name do you get this ****?
What the hell? Was your neighborhood just screwing with you? I mean, I get the occasional box of raisins, but a dish towel and a Valentine's day card? This is the kind of stuff I feel like I'd get in a dorm when someone decided we needed to give each other treats...

Raisins do suck, though. I don't get why they're considered a substitute for chocolate chips in a cookie.

Also, it angers me that there are people here too young to know who the California Raisins are . God damn it, I'm not old...

Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
California Raisins commercials? Ed McMahon Hiyo calls?

These are my people. I truely am home

also this:

Wait for real? I'm pretty sure Michelangelo is more famous as a renaissance artist, and Raphael is not. I mean, everyone has heard of the Sistine Chapel and David, no one's heard of whatever Raphael did (I think I've even seen some of his stuff and can't recall what it was). Plus Raphael died at 37, and Michelangelo at 88! I expect better from XKCD...

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