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10-30-2013, 02:54 AM
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Originally Posted by CrazedZooChimp View Post
What the hell? Was your neighborhood just screwing with you? I mean, I get the occasional box of raisins, but a dish towel and a Valentine's day card? This is the kind of stuff I feel like I'd get in a dorm when someone decided we needed to give each other treats...

Raisins do suck, though. I don't get why they're considered a substitute for chocolate chips in a cookie.

Also, it angers me that there are people here too young to know who the California Raisins are . God damn it, I'm not old...

Wait for real? I'm pretty sure Michelangelo is more famous as a renaissance artist, and Raphael is not. I mean, everyone has heard of the Sistine Chapel and David, no one's heard of whatever Raphael did (I think I've even seen some of his stuff and can't recall what it was). Plus Raphael died at 37, and Michelangelo at 88! I expect better from XKCD...

I doubt the pies are actually representative of any sort of rigorous data collection.

But with that said, if you ask anyone under the age of, let's say, 35 what's the first thing that comes to mind when you say the name Michelangelo, I would be willing to bet that the scales tip slightly in the favor of the Ninja Turtle. da Vinci is the only one of that group of 4 artists that really has maintained enough of a pop culture presence to really hold it over his turtle namesake. If I were to take issue with one and only one pie in that picture, it would be that I think the Leo one should be more heavily in favor of da Vinci. Secondarily would be Raphael skewing more towards being a TMNT. I think that Donatello's and Michaelangelo's are pretty reasonable estimations. The Turtles have had 25+ years of cartoons, movies, and comics to cement that.

Similarly, as the alt text on that xkcd comic notes, if you throw out the words bebop and rocksteady, who's going to remember that they were/are actual musical genres and not Shredder's bumbling henchmen?


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