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10-30-2013, 02:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Buddha View Post
The learning curve of this team is painful this season, and I feel the pain of every Oilers fan right now. This is grueling. For me, this season has been the most difficult to watch of any.

That said, I have to say that I agree entirely with Dallas Eakins right now. He's relentless in his demands on this young team, and he will eventually get the result that he needs from his players. He's unwilling to flex on his demands of them, which is what they need to grow and develop. He's demanding that they play better and he's exposing the flaws in their game that they need to correct to get better and become winners. He's the most straightforward coach that we've had in that regard. It's painful; its growing pains, but he's no longer protecting our young players from themselves. He's demanding that they perform, demanding they correct their flaws. They need to, and he's right when he says that this is a process. Our young players need to learn how to take on the extra minutes and take on the other team's best lines. They'll eventually get to a point where they can play those minutes and play them well against other teams top lines. This is a direct challenge to his players.

This is gutsy for Eakins to take on and challenge the team in this way. He's fast tracking this team to be successful and pushing his players hard. They need to be pushed and challenged--not coddled. Its difficult to watch right now, frustrating, but in the long term, the Oilers will be much better off staying the course and sticking to Eakin's plan. His overall vision for the future of this team is the right one. I like Eakin's relentlessness. He'll win this battle and turn this team into a winner, if he's given the opportunity to do so. Of that, I'm convinced. He's not the issue here. Coaching is not our team's problem. I like Eakins. He's what we need leading this young team. He's taking the hard road in getting there, but it's the right road to take. It's the shortest route to take.
Eakins has a lot to prove. He has accomplished nothing at the NHL level and he is making rookie coaching mistakes which have been outlined by numerous posters including myself.

Coaching is part of the issue.

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