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10-30-2013, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Where was I defending him?

Just saying - firing him doesn't change much right now because the real problems are at the front lines and that takes actual day-to-day coaching and roster moves to change. Something which is in the hands of MacT and Eakins, not Lowe. I won't complain if he gets fired, but if you think firing him solves everything magically, you're wrong.

How many coaching changes would you like to make? Wait, maybe your right but they won't fire Steve Smith for whatever reason. Our Defence sucks, if Lowe or Mac-T were not here, Smith and Bucky would be gone.

How many player changes would you like to make ? they have already brought in the best picks for several years due to thier incompetence. How about some big boys on defence that can take out the man in front of our net? How about a goalie that can stop pucks, everybody except the Oilers knew Labarbera was useless.

The players don't want to play for this jerk, they play to earn thier contracts and then suck...

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