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10-30-2013, 03:56 AM
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DVR'd it. glad i skipped right to the highlights instead:

Belov: this dude looks atrocious. bad pinch on one goal. looked horrid on that 2-on-1 where Gagner started coasting on the back check. im done with this dude. return...... to the KHL.

Petry: his give away on one of the later goals looked so lazy. he just has too much of a bimbo / airhead aspect to his game that keeps me from ever trusting him.

"oh we need some goaltending" yes
defense. yes
forwards with "size and grit" (or how about just execute a system, tape to tape passes, knowing when to shoot, etc)

but what's even better is that the Oilers are so polarized with their assets that they can't even leverage their way into improving the team. you either sell TRASH or TREASURE. there's nothing in between to entice other teams.

and even the treasures they have that could potentially be dealt are frowned on because they can't prop any of them up with horrendous play.

rebuild? bullcrap.
that laugh-wagon is gone.
this is heading into crisis management.

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