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10-30-2013, 04:10 AM
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I'm starting to think that Mac-T is delusional. I think he wants a team like the kind of teams that Brian Burke likes to build... except we don't have any pieces like that.

We don't have a #1 d-man. I think Petry is a #2 d-man, but so many people out there don't think Edmonton has a #2 d-man.

We don't have any powerforwards that fit into anyone's top 6.

I'm convinced that this is the ship that Mac-T wants to run, because why the hell else would he have hired Dallas Eakins?

Now you can and you can't blame Eakins.

I'm pretty sure that Eakins is doing exactly what he told Mac-T he'd do when he got interviewed. Mac-T should have realized that we don't have the type of roster to effectively play his style of hockey. If he didn't realize it, then he's not as smart as people give him credit.

Everything past that is Eakins' fault. His unwillingness to adapt his style of what his players are capable of doing is all his fault.

We were so much better last season. Smid and Petry were so much more effective.

Dubby was making way more saves and he was making a lot of GOOD saves.

Justin Schultz and Nail Yakupov are going NOWHERE. Actually, I'll take that back. They've clearly regressed under this system.

Why the hell haven't we had a coach come in and employ the run'n gun style of play? That's EXACTLY the kind of players we have.

That's the only style of play we're capable of. Bringing in a coach incapable or unwilling to implement this style while we have our current roster is nothing short of moronic.

Any coach coming here unwilling to coach this style of hockey is an idiot in search of the assassination of his own coaching career.

Any manager unwilling to bring in a coach that implements this style of play is a moron on a quest to assassinate the careers of our young players.

Any CEO/President of a hockey team who hires a manager that chooses to bring in a coach that is unwilling to implement this style of play for these players is an idiot. I'm not talking Vanilla ice idiotic or even George Bush junior idiotic. I'm talking Brick Tamland from the anchorman idiotic.

At the beginning of the season Oiler brass suggested that Eakins is the coach that couldn't be fired after one year. If some changes aren't made, someone is going to get crucified.

If no significant coaching or roster changes are made, Eakins and Mac-T are going to get crucified.

If Mac-T doesn't make a trade for a power forward and a #1 d-man, Edmonton is going to finish bottom 5 and both he and Eakins will be crucified.

If Mac-T keeps his job after one helluva failure of a season, my eyes are going to pop out of my head and a black whole will form in the middle of my brain, consuming the entire universe.

Seriously, Ovechkin got away with playing run'n gun hockey and his team at least got into the playoffs year after year. Why can't we do that? Hall may not be Ovechkin and Justin Schultz may not be Mike Green, but we've got a helluva lot of skill to make things happen and playing a style of game that is unsuitable for your top six forwards and 3/4 of your top 4 d-men is demoralizing every time they fail at it.

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