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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
That never gets old.
That one and the Andy Sutton "expert" clip I watch every time someone posts them.

And you come on hfoil to blame Lowe when the team backup gets torched by the Kings. Cause "everybody but Lowe knew Labarbera was junk".
Please study how corporations work and how duties are divided.
Lowe is now not much but a conduit for Katz's plans. A paper shuffler and a guy who brags about his past glories.
This franchise makes way too many decisions based on naivety.

Can't hire Burke ... too loud mouthed. Lets hire Lowe's best buddy instead with no GM experience. Then lets hire a rookie NHL coach to top it off. What could possibly go wrong?

Bernier and Seguin available? Naaaaaah. Lets not pursue either. Besides heard Seguin went to a party once, nah, need to only have boy scouts in the locker room). He may go Souray on us and say bad things about the GM. Nope.
Bernier? Naaaaah, lets just sign Dubnyk's best bud Labarbera and call it a day.

This franchise is so far up its ass sometimes in "building the right way" (whatever that's even supposed to mean). They completely overreacted to the Pronger/Souray situations.

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