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10-30-2013, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
This franchise makes way too many decisions based on naivety.
Oh no kidding. Even the Krueger and Eakins hirings are naive.

Can't hire Burke ... too loud mouthed. Lets hire Lowe's best buddy instead with no GM experience.

Bernier and Seguin available? Naaaaaah. Lets not pursue either. Besides heard Seguin went to a party once, nah, need to only have boy scouts in the locker room). He may go Souray on us and say bad things about the GM. Nope.
Bernier? Naaaaah, lets just sign Dubnyk's best bud Labarbera and call it a day.

This franchise is so far up its ass sometimes in "building the right way" (whatever that's even supposed to mean).
Preaching to the choir again. I've been against the rebuild since day one, posted long and loud on that topic and how collecting draft picks was no way to win anything. I was one of the few posters here to post repeatedly that Souray's "bad influence" was just the excuse Tamby used to when he tried to end Souray's NHL career. The real motivation of course was to soothe his bruised ego and help along the tank at the same time - with Katz's blessing of course.
And as for Burke, I would have welcomed him. I'm not too down on MacT yet though. I think he did make a reasonable number of positive moves in spite of the fact that he obviously flubbed the backup signing.

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