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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Yeah, pretty much. The problem is that those "several" players happen to be their best players. With maybe only RNH notwithstanding, everyone of the other "young stars" needs to be seriously sat down, lectured, and then worked like a mule to get those bad habits out of their game.

Hall needs to be told to ****ing play a man's style of hockey. He has the speed and the frame to do it, if he's going to play like Kent Nilsson instead of Glenn Anderson then all his physical talents go to waste. Problem is that I'm not sure his hockey sense and hands can keep up with his feet.

Eberle needs to be told to get better core strength. Tired of seeing him get knocked down and pasted every game. Also, stop cheating defensively.

Schultz needs to be told he's not yet Sergei ****ing Zubov so if you're going to roam like Zubov did you better produce results and be able to maintain reasonable ability to position yourself defensively. Otherwise focus on playing defense first rather than playing softer than Tom Gilbert did - and at least Gilbert knew how to gain position on people.

Yakupov needs some sort of deconditioning. He's trying to do it all himself when he should be using his teammates AND he's passing off when he should be shooting. His game is all sorts of messed up right now, he's literally doing the opposite of what he should be doing on half the plays in any given game. Don't really know how to fix this but I suspect it involves a lot of patient and honest teaching. He's the youngest of the 1st overalls though so I'm less concerned with his progress than with someone like Hall basically repeating first-year mistakes over and over again.
Agreed on most points, but the Yakupov one ... just let him keep playing because I think it's starting to come for him.

He looks a lot more confident now, if Eberle would ever pass him the freaking puck, maybe we'll have something.

Just leave Yak alone (part of not over coaching) and let him do his thing. He scored in LA and looked good again versus the Leafs (relatively anyway).

One of the problem's with Hall is he's best buds with Eberle and I think he wants to do all the fancy dipsy doodles because it's "cool" and because Eberle does it all the time.

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