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10-30-2013, 08:22 AM
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Was at the game last night and let me tell you it's not easy to sit there while your team gets schooled and 10,000 Leaf fans are chanting Go Leafs Go! (I was one of those who left with 5 minutes to go just to beat the traffic)
Last nights loss falls mostly on Dallas Eakin's shoulders. He is in over his head here coaching against true NHL coaches. As many others mentioned why would you play Gagner against there top scoring threat who was having a career night for the whole game? Kessel was dialed in last night anyone could see that and someone like Gordon should have been matched against him not Gagner and Yaks. Eakins has this stubborn streak about him where he is going to make everyone a world class player that can play in every situation.
He needs to understand this is not the AHL and his prime purpose is not to simply develop young talent. This is the NHL a results driven business. If he goes 25-50-10 or some terrible record this year with his experiment heads will roll (or at least they should) So far he's done nothing but take this team backwards, our special teams have been much worse and 5 on 5 we score once in a while if luck is on our side.
Does he need a goalie? Sure but so did Kruger. Is the D a mess? Yep same as Kruger had yet he was at least able to get our PP up near the top of the league and our PK was mid level. YOu can't continue to play your top talent 23-26 minutes a night when they are getting ragged dolled by bigger, older, and stronger players and then consider that healthy for there development.
I don't know everyone says we need a goalie, a #1D man, a more physical winger, I tend to agree but I honestly don't see it happening. Trades are not easy in this league and right now the Oilers are pretty exposed to 29 other teams on the trade front.
So if Hall, Perron, and Smyth would have been playing last night, do we win that game? Cause that's as good as we're going to get this year. I'll bet Detroit can't wait for Saturday night.

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