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10-30-2013, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
If Staal doesn't get his head out of his ass, that might not be as much of a moot point as you think. While people with axes to grind have been slamming MDZ (who, you know, was a +1 and had the assist on the game winning goal last night), Staal has consistently been our worst defenseman this season (once again, Staal was on the ice for both goals against and none of the goals for). MDZ has played his best hockey getting big minutes on the left side--coincidentally, the same stretches of time that he filled in for an injured Staal.

I never would have thought of saying this in the past (I've always considered Staal to be our best D, even better than McD), but based on what we've seen so far? I move Staal before I move MDZ.
Hard to blame anyone on the ice for the second goal against, but it sure wasn't Marc Staal flailing like a ding dong as the puck bounced off him and in the net.

Okay great he gets the +1 on the same goal he assisted on so his stat line looks nice on paper because of one good shift in one game. In reality for most nights this season he has shown that his confidence level is zero and he cannot handle passes at the blueline. His defense is suspect as well but considering the hopes people have for MDZ offensively his defensive play is largely irrelevant. As of right now the only reason he probably hasn't been traded or sat is because there is absolutely no one who can eat up his, or someone elses who replaces his, minutes. He is still useful in a defensive roll and until that ceases or they can replace that, he stays. His value is in being offensively minded and gifted, if he cannot deliver on that his usefulness to the organization is very little. He has more value as a turn around project who needs a change of scenery to another team, than as simply a top4 D who cannot overcome his mental issues to the Rangers.

Move Staal before DZ? Maybe if they were going to rebuild, but in that scenario move both. The idea of moving Staal over DZ is a rather questionable stance to take.

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