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10-30-2013, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
Sorry...can't agree. We do have some major deficiencies in many places, but to me, the #1 issue is indeed the goaltending. When a good goalie stops a puck from going in the net, even though it is deemed a sure goal (Kessel for example), it changes the momentum of the team in front of him. The lack of our goaltending being able to make any big saves has, and is continuing, to inhibit this change of momentum.

I hear all this other stuff in here and on the radio/tv, like top line vs top line, PK, back checking etc. I know it's an issue, but the tending seems to get a pass for some reason.

Are we getting so used to ****** goaltending that no one seems to think it's the #1 issue?
Actually, there are many folks saying goaltending is an issue. I think, where there are some differences is, whether it's a good goalie or a great one. For instance, if the Oil had a good goalie they probably would have another 6 points by now. However, if we had a great goalie, we'd have 8 -10 more..and yes, a great goalie may have been able to make a great save on Kessel last night.

A good goalie keeps us in games but, imo, masks many of the things that are wrong with this team. As has been mentioned by many, we have too many of the same players up front so we need toughness/grit in the top 6. We need a top 1/2 defenceman and, yes, a good goalie.

I've been saying for the last 2 years that we have the wrong mix. I understand why we kept our first overalls and picked the BPA. However, now we should be re-evaluating and making some changes to fill the holes. I suspect we're going to need to trade at least 2 of the following to get that mix...Eberle, Yakupov, Hall, RNH, Gagner as well as one of Hemsky J Schultz and Petry. I would keep Hall, RNH and Perron(one of the few with grit who isn't afraid to go to the hard areas) but those are my choices. With giving up those 2-3 players we should be able to fill 3 of the holes...good goalie, top 2 D and a good top 6 forward with strength/grit/truculence..

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