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10-30-2013, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by abootzky View Post
You're mistaking a sports columnist for a fan. We fans don't want Kavis back because we want our team to succeed. Jones is (and should be) all about selling papers and not about hoping our city's teams win. If a team goes against his opinion, it makes for a feud and feuds increase readership.

That makes sense given their track records. The team's terrible W-L record and declining ticket sales are pretty hard for them to ignore however.
It wasn't that long ago when sitting in the stands it would be EVERY game we were wondering if the attendance would hit 40,000.
every game.
now we do the same thing, but wonder if the official attendance will be 30K with the actual attendance even hitting 25K.

they've lost a lot of support. both casual fans and hardcore.

Good thing Rhodes is a branding expert who is here to improve the game day experience, or I'd be worried.

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