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Originally Posted by DJsquared View Post
I don't want this to be taken as a guy with minimal posts trolling people, I agree with most of what you are saying, but I have no clue what the bolded means. I'm smart just not that smart lol.

Having said that I don't watch much other sports, and I don't really care about the stats (they are important but not needed to form an opinion). They are the worst club imo, its in their attitude as far as I can see anyhow.
Just a reference to how much the individual data points are distributed from the average.

For instance in NBA basketball much more difference in pts would occur from the average, both in highest and lowest pts, than in hockey where standing have less pts separation.

for example 2012-13 NBA season (not in pts but winning percentage but we can just assign 2pts to wins for comparison with NHL) Top team, Miami has 66W's lets say 132pts for comparison. Lowest club has 20W's or 40pts. The range in this is an astounding 92pts 82 pts would be average so we see wide separation from average both high and low. Upper point is 52pts from average, lower is 42pts from average.

NHL, last year full schedule 11-12

Top club, Vancouver has 111pts(even with benefit of 3pt games) lowest club has 65. Average around 92pts. Range in pts is 45. Upper club only differs from average by a slim 19pts, lower club differs from average by 27pts.

What this all means is that the probability of an NHL team ever having less pts than an NBA club is infinitesimally small barring say expansion clubs. Its virtually impossible for the Oilers, or any NHL club, to be worse than the worst NBA club.

hope this is clear.

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