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10-30-2013, 11:28 AM
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I don't know that I necessarily have a breaking point. I've been an Oilers fan since I was about 9 (2001), and I'm 21 now, so I've only ever gotten to see a few first round playoff outs in the early 2000's and that miracle run in 2006. Despite all this mediocrity followed by complete tanking, I still can't stop watching. Every game night for the past few weeks, I expect the worst, but still find myself holding out hope that this team can just MAYBE start to get it right.

Turning my back on the Oilers would probably mean turning my back on hockey in general, and I couldn't stand to see myself as one of those "hockey fans" that only tunes in for the Olympics every 4 years.

So I'll keep watching indefinitely, BUT: this team needs a shake-up in the worst way. They are going to keep getting exposed until they get a "Pronger" on the back end, and if it takes Jordan Eberle to get that done, so be it. It doesn't have to be, and definitely won't be a Pronger caliber player, just someone that can log ~24 minutes, stabilize the D, and give Jeff Petry some ****ing help.

With all this said though, and I can't stress this enough: it IS just a game, and WE are the ones choosing to spend our time and money to follow it. Although we as fans deserve much better than we have been getting, and I understand the emotional investment in the team (I definitely have it), as a SPORT, it shouldn't be so important that it "ruins your life" or makes you go to bed angry after a loss.

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