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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
+1 on that

I would lean towards the Dolomite in 75 flex at your height. They are good sticks. If you have no pattern preference, I'd recommend the Kovalchuk.
Thanks for the recs. I was hoping you two (AA) would chime in. It looks like there are some 75 pro stocks dolo's available (not concerned with breaking really, but I would like a Mid, Med curve, closed-slightly open -- currently use a Hall blade). Probably won't go with a PS stick (too much uncertainty).

Can you cut down the "+3" Warrior shafts without affecting flex? 63" seems a bit much compared to my 58.5" Int Stealth 55S II.

EDIT: found my answer ...

Probably going to go with a Sr 75 CS or Diablo from hm.

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