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10-30-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Hasbro View Post
How much were tickets 15 years ago when the Jets couldn't sell out and had to move?
Firstly, 15 years ago I was living in Benin, so I would have no personal knowledge of what ticket prices were.

Secondly, the Jets of old problem was never selling tickets and the reason it moved was never due to lack of support by the average fan. The reason they moved is much the reasons Quebec Nordiques moved and Colorado got it's team in the first place. The building they played in was built in 1955 and had very few if any corporate box seats (the seats that make the most money) and the team was in desperate need of a new building. However, unlike many municipal/state governments in the US, Canadian municipal/provincial governments are very leery of plunking down $200 million or so to help build a new stadium, especially as at the time we had a leftist government in place. Furthering this, the city's economy was hurting (it has since diversified) and it was reflected in terms of corporate sponsorship.

The other major reason was the Canadian dollar was at $0.60 or so compared to the American dollar at the time. So the profits from the ticket gates were being made in Canadian dollars but all the players were being paid in American dollars. There was also no salary cap so trying to compete with big market American teams while they were having to pay such a great deal more for personal (due to the dollar), it just wasn't possible. The owners saw this and sold the team. Not that Winnipegers didn't try and let their team go without a fight mind you (they had a rally that 35, 000 people showed up to and a fundraising effort that ultimately raised $13 million in a short span of time), but sadly it was not enough.

As to the other posters who noted that Denver has 4 major league teams, that is a fair and valid point. As a dumb canuck, I can't fathom why anyone would want to spend their money on a baseball, or basketball game over a hockey game, but that's just me.

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