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10-30-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
Ah JJ, don't let basic stats keep you from the truth.

Potter played 33 games last year, scored 4 points (replaced on the PP by Schultz) and had the best plus minus of any Oiler with plus 8. He only had six penalty minutes so posters can't make up stuff like he cost the team bad penalties. He clearly didn't.

By comparison, Nick Schultz had a -13 in 48 games and Justin Schultz had a -17 in 48 games.

In case you don't realize what plus minus means - despite the reputation that Justin Schultz is some type of wunderkid, he was on the ice for 17 more goals against than for (excepting pp and pk).

Potter was quite acceptable as a 5/6/7 dman for the Oilers last year.
Thanks slick the smugness is greatly appriciated.

So if we think A Little Deeper, we see that the Schultz struggles could have been, and Very Likely were, due to Lack of competent NHL depth support, ie Corey Potter. So while Potter looks like he was competent on Paper, the reality when we look at the defense on the whole and as a unit, Not so much.

If you want Corey Potter on your team, that's your thing, but he's a marginal NHLer/AHL guy, lets stop pretending he's more then that or he'll achieve the same status as the legend of Ryan Stone.

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